Imagine The Whole World, A Single Step Away

Follow genius inventor, Nicholas Fort, as he unveils his greatest Invention – PORTAL. With the ability to transport humans anywhere in the world – instantly – his Portal will unite the world on a scale never known in human history, and change the way we interact with one another as a society–if it gets the chance. With the prospect of losing industries that have been around for decades, Nicholas must convince the world that a new idea is not something to be feared, but embraced with open arms. Unwilling to give up on a mesmerizing idea, Nicholas strains the emotional bonds that tie his family together. Nicholas must find the balance between family and creative obsession, or lose himself in the process.

Author And Creator Of Portal

  • Andrew Paradigm
    Andrew ParadigmAuthor


    Andrew Paradigm was born in 1987 in Los Angeles, California. In his youth, he spent much of his time with his German grandparents where he learned about logical thinking and hard work. He always kept himself busy working and writing stories for his little brother. After becoming disillusioned with college, he decided to try writing full time. Portal is the result of over a year of hard work. He has his wife to thank for Portals completion. They live together in Los Angeles with her menagerie of animals.

Step into the world of Portal

Portal is the debut novel published by Devious Publications. We’re starting out in the literary world with a bang. Portal is an innovative art form that will revolutionize the way artists collaborate. Never before have all the modern art forms been combined into a cohesive piece of art that is at once literary, graphic, and inspiring.

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